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Thanks for visiting my site.
I am in the process of adding more content.
As starters, I have uploaded some technical material on fuel cells. You may download them for your use.

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Latest  NEWS...

I got a BOY Child, today the 29th September 2004.  The kid was 3.2 Kgs at birth. 


.  do come back and visit. 


More to come....

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December 2007: Project - to develop a bipolar plate for PEFC. Supervisor: Prof. P.C. Ghosh

June 2007: Seminar topic "Issues related to PEFC". Guide: Prof. P.C. Ghosh

May 2007: Joined Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, for M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering.

What's New?
June 2006
Aadhi is learning at a great speed.  His antics are really interesting.
March 2006
We are having a great time with Aadhi.  He is very naughty now and everything that he does is exciting.
My wife is almost in  tears.....

last updated on: 29th September 2004
18th April 2004 - created the album page.

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